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Scarsdale10583: Citizen's Non-Partisan Party Candidates Emphasize Cooperation and Collegiality

Election postponed and rescheduled for Tuesday September 15 2020

LWVS To Host Candidate Forum For Contested Village Election

The League of Women Voters encourages informed and active participation of citizens in local government and the election process. This year, the Scarsdale Village election for Trustee is contested. There are six candidates vying for three positions as Village Trustee. The LWVS is hosting a Candidate Forum on Thursday, March 5, 2020 from 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm in Rutherford Hall at Scarsdale Village Hall. We encourage all Scarsdale citizens to come hear from the candidates and to provide questions to be asked of them. For those who cannot attend, the event will be recorded for playback and made available for public viewing. 

Arest looks to keep trustee seat in upcoming election

ELECTION RESCHEDULED FOR SEPTEMBER 15 2020 - Scarsdale Inquirer: Justin Arest sometimes likes to “get into the weeds” of a topic. He likes to explain the ins and outs, sometimes diving deeper or clarifying much needed background information. At many public meetings, he can be seen peering at his laptop, digging into a topic and finding something credible to reference. In many cases, though, he likes to sit and listen intently, as listening can in many cases lead to better ideas. “I have thoughts, I have opinions. But I will keep my mouth shut and listen as long as other people want to share their views because, guess what? Maybe they’re better,” he said. Arest has always believed in volunteerism — he was class treasurer when he attended New Rochelle High School — and he always tried to prioritize public service in his life, even after starting a family and moving in 2013 to Scarsdale, where his wife grew up.

As the March 18 election approaches, Arest hopes to be re-elected to his seat on the Scarsdale Board of Trustees. A candidate on the Citizens’ Non-Partisan Party slate, he said he looks forward to turning good ideas into action. “If you have an opinion, it’s very easy to just criticize and it’s very easy to tell everybody else what to do,” said Arest. “It’s a lot harder to actually do it. Ideas can be cheap, but execution is what’s important.”

Crandall aims for a second term on board of trustees

ELECTION RESCHEDULED FOR TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 15 2020 - Scarsdale Inquirer: Lena Crandall likes to speak slowly. When she was growing up, she was always around people who spoke English as a second language, including her parents, who were Polish immigrants during World War II.

In Akron, New York, the small rural community between Buffalo and Rochester where she grew up, Crandall’s parents felt like they had to hide their views from the rest of the community and keep discussions and ideas inside the house. “My parents felt they really had to keep their place,” said Crandall. “It was the Cold War and they felt they should keep their good ideas in the home, which was a great loss.” Crandall though is not looking to have her opinions locked inside, as she vies to keep a seat on the Scarsdale Board of Trustees as a candidate in the March 18 election on the Citizens’ Non-Partisan Party ticket. Crandall, who has lived in Scarsdale for 28 years, sees herself as someone who can reach across the aisle to invite community members into the discussions happening around town, while also making Scarsdale feel like a home.

Scarsdale Inquirer Interview: Board of trustee nominee Whitestone values volunteerism

ELECTION RESCHEDULED FOR TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 15 2020 - After living in Scarsdale for 25 years and serving in multiple local civic organizations, Randy Whitestone wants to use his current professional and past volunteer experience to serve as a trustee on the village board of trustees.

Whitestone, 58, is one-third of the 2020 Citizens’ Non-Partisan Party trustee ticket for this year’s village election. He and current trustees Justin Arest and Lena Crandall will be on the ballot March 18. 

Overwhelming Petition Support for SCNP Candidates

The nominating petitions for Justin Arest, Lena Crandall and Randy Whitestone for Village Trustee and Joaquin Alemany for Village Justice were delivered today to the Village Clerk – a critical milestone for the candidates to be placed on the ballot for the forthcoming Village Elections on March 18, 2020.

The petitions were filed in accordance with state election law and contained the signatures of registered Village of Scarsdale voters. The candidates filed with 412 voters’ signatures –over four times the number required by election law.

CNC Nominates Arest, Crandall and Whitestone for Village Trustee

ELECTION RESCHEDULED FOR TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 15 2020 - On January 23, 2020 the Citizens Nominating Committee (CNC) announced the candidates it selected for the Scarsdale Citizens’ Non-Partisan Party slate for the following Village offices:

Justin Arest of Heathcote, a Village Resident for 7 years, Trustee

Lena Crandall of Fox Meadow, a Village Resident for 28 years, Trustee

Randy Whitestone of Edgewood, a Village Resident for 25 years, Trustee

Jack Alemany of Fox Meadow, a Village Resident for 30 years, Village Justice

Justin Arest is currently serving his first two-year term as Village Trustee. He grew up in New Rochelle and since moving to Scarsdale served on the Zoning Board of Appeals, the Library Project’s Capital Campaign Committee and the Scarsdale Forum. With Trustee Jane Veron he formed the Village’s Ad Hoc Communications Committee to improve communication between the Village and residents.  

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